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5/2/2018: The Heartsaver for K-12 Schools is now available on the Instructor Portal course drop down list for $7. You MUST fill out a form for course approval PRIOR to the course date and email it to bremssctc@uab.edu, otherwise if a course is submitted with no form the cards will not be processed.  Access the form here.  

10/6/2017 - Due to a sudden price increase from the AHA on 10/3/2017, all Heartsaver CPR cards will increase in price from $7.00 to $17.00. Please note this change.  Any questions and concerns should be directed to the following email account: bremssctc@uab.edu.

Attention Instructors!


The AHA is mandating eCards beginning in January 2018; there will be no more physically printed cards once this goes into effect.

To prepare for this, we have implemented a plan to not order anymore cardstock after October 1, 2017.  The main reason for doing this is to not get stuck with an abundant inventory of cardstock, which is expensive.  We urge any of our instructors who are still receiving printed cards to plan accordingly for this change to take place as soon as possible.


Please remember that we must have an email address for each individual student in your class.  We cannot (per AHA guidelines) send all of the eCards to you or to one particular email address, they must go to the student.  eCards work just like a physically printed card; there are options to print wallet sized or certificate sized cards.


Thank you for all you do for your community! We appreciate all of you, please feel free to let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


The BREMSS Instructor Portal will allow you access to the following:
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Please note: This is not the AHA Instructor Network
AHA 2015 Guidelines/Update Release

The American Heart Association has released their 2015 Guidelines for CPR and ECC programs. Please click here for more information and to download the Highlights for the 2015 Guidelines for CPR and ECC. 

1. AHA has provided a 2015 Guidelines Update for you and it is available on the AHA Instructor NetworkIf you cannot remember your login information, DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT. Use the "Forgot Password" option and attempt to reset your password. If this does not work, contact the AHA Instructor Network at 1-877-AHA-4CPR (242-4277) for assistance in reseting your username/password. 

2. All instructors must complete the update before teaching the new standards. DO NOT TEACH THE 2015 GUIDELINES UNTIL YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE UPDATE! A certificate will be provided once you complete the update. Please forward a copy of this certificate to BREMSS for your file. You may email the certificate to bremssctc@uab.edu. 

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