EMS cards

AHA ECC cards will be issued at no charge to BREMSS EMSP upon successfully completion of a preapproved AHA ECC class. The EMSP must be currently active with a BREMSS EMS Agency as identified by an officer of the organization. For the purposes of this policy, an EMS Agency is one “permitted” or “licensed” to provide emergency medical care within this region or a Fire Department that provides 911 EMS response that has been recognized by the Alabama Forestry Commission as a volunteer fire department. 911 Centers and/or PSAP’s within the BREMSS region that provide emergency medical dispatch are within the EMS System as well. Alabama Forestry Commission employees based in the BREMSS region are eligible for cards at no charge.

Post-Secondary Schools or EMSP training classes (Emergency Medical Responder and EMT-Basic classes) are not considered EMS agencies. Current, Alabama licensed, EMSP that are not currently working (paid or volunteer) with an EMS agency are not eligible for no charge EMSP AHA cards. For EMS Agencies that have locations in and outside of the BREMSS Region, only those employees who are “based” in the BREMSS region will be eligible for no charge cards.

Law Enforcement agencies are not eligible for no charge cards.

If fraudulent paperwork is submitted and identified, the situation will be reviewed and presented to the BREMSS Executive Committee for decision on further proceedings (possible law enforcement involvement).

1. The BREMSS TC instructor will complete an “intent to train” form for approval at a minimum of 15 days prior to the class and submit by fax or scanned copy by email to BREMSS.
2. BREMSS Education Coordinator (Executive or Assistant Executive Director in his absence) will approve/or disapprove within 5 business days and notify instructor by email of status.
3. If approved, a unique “discount code” will be issued to the class for roster submission on the BREMSS website.
4. This “discount code” will also be noted on the approval form that will be returned to the instructor in a copy form. The original will be kept in BREMSS files (scanned and electronically stored acceptable).
5. All other cards printed/processing procedures remain the same as far as other cards. Cards will be mailed/delivered back only to agency contact (Fire Chief, Rescue Squad Captain, or owner of ambulance service).
Please click here to access the Intent to Train Form