COVID-19 Gadsden Regional

TO:                      EMS SERVICE PROVIDERS

FROM:               John E. Blue, II, CEO
                             East Alabama EMS, Inc.

DATE:                March 25, 2020

RE:                      GADSDEN REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER - GRMC – EMS Units Entry

Please find an important message regarding procedures for receiving and screening of patients upon arrival at Gadsden Regional Medical Center (GRMC) ED.

                             From Robert Collyer, Director of Emergency Department – GRMC:
  • Patient Pre-screened by EMS, or not, are met in ambulance bay and screened again, even if identified by EMS as ruled out.
  • Screen in or PUI – Transfer to ED stretcher. Masked if not already. Report signed EMS staff remains outside to clean unit and remove PPE.
  • They do not come inside ED till PPE removed.
  • If emergent intubation required/already completed – move to negative pressure room regardless of PPE use.
  • Screen Out – EMS crew will be allowed to deliver patient as usual

“I apologize if I or my staff did not communicate this well to some agencies. We are dealing with a lot of stressed out, tired people inside and out of our institution.   I am urging my staff to try not to overreact and extend grace to each other and our partners in this unprecedented event.” Robert Collyer

Continue to follow established communication channels i.e. phone, radio, ATCC, etc. and processes prior to patient transport and arrival.

Thank you for your continued service during these extraordinary times.


John. E. Blue

Cc:         Michael Minor
              Dion Schultz